Motion Art

You Dream It. We Build It.

We believe cars are a work of art in motion. The technology that goes behind each car, the design which reflects a passage in time and is a piece of collection. Some are iconic cars and some are just cars that have memories to the ones who values it.

Our products are also developed with reputable suppliers around the globe to offer value with beautiful art in motion design. Our products are also exported to customers worldwide.

Our products are also well thought out in order to offer our clients a piece of our MOTION ART whether in URBAN (modern), CLASSIC (retro) or ADVENTURE (outdoor) range.


Urban Motion Art products that we developed are designed for comfort and luxury for urban applications. While being both practical and comfortable to use, urban motion art concept focuses more on urban design and lifestyles.

Our Urban Motion Art sports seats specially designed for the Land Rover Defender is our first motion art product. Beautifully crafted for perfect sportiness and comfort, our seats are low profile base which is very important for tall 4WD vehicles for ultimate driving comfort and practicality of getting on and off the vehicle.  Our seat base is custom made to be removable which is better than the original seats for easy access to your batteries and electrics. The addition of rear seat pockets is a simple but very practical addition too for additional storage and rear passenger comfort.

Our Urban Motion Art sports steering specially designed for the Land Rover Defender is perfectly paired with our sports seats to give you the ultimate driving comfort for your Defender. A 14in diameter matched with a low profile 52mm Boss Kit gives you the perfect driving position. Our boss kit are made in the UK and has the perfect reach for your fingers to the turn signal indicators. Most importantly, our steering system are designed to give you more space to the windows as well as driving position.


Classic Motion Art products that we developed are designed with reference to heritage values. Classic motion art concept will try to recapture historical design concepts as well as the preservation of traditions. More often this will involve restorations and recreation of nostalgic products to recapture moments in time.


Adventure Motion Art concept is to create products designed for your next adventure. Our concept is based upon the equipment and products that are best suited for your next expedition vehicles, outdoor equipment and protection gears. Our adventure motion art products are designed to last, cost-effective and most importantly practical to use.